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Prepayment for order and delivery


Conditions: Advance payment for an individual order is 70% of the agreed value of the goods, the remaining 30% is paid by the buyer upon receipt. Terms of manufacturing of goods depend on the product itself.

The buyer has the opportunity to make an advance payment in 3 ways:

1. By cash.

2. Transfer of funds to the company account.

3. Transfer of funds to the director's personal account.



When buying from 5 million dong, you can use the free delivery service in Hanoi.

Outside of the city of Hanoi, regardless of the amount of the order, the delivery is paid for by the buyer according to the tariffs of transport companies and carriers.

Types of delivery:








Cumulative discount system:

From 50 million to 149 million. - 3%

From 150mln. up to 299 million. - 5%

From 300mln. up to 499 million. - 7%

From 500 million. up to 1 billion - 10%

Discount cards of the preferred buyer:

1. «Silver card» of the preferred buyer: 5% -7% discount.

2. «Gold card» of the preferred buyer: 10% discount.

3. «Black card» of the preferred buyer: 15% discount.

Hotline (024) 6296.2758