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About us



The Russian-Vietnamese cooperation project R & V PROJECT is a typical example of the connection between traditional cultural values ​​and business cooperation between two ethnic groups who have a close relationship and mutual trust.
Over the past hundred years, our two countries always respect the honest partnership and to this day, Russia and Vietnam are good friends, always obliged to support one another in the fields of business. political, not letting any enemies terrify us. The two countries always act diplomatically, respect human rights, traditional values, and the way of life of neighbors.

During the First Indochina War and the Second Indochina War and also in the Vietnam War,
The Soviet Union did not hesitate to support, sending tons of humanitarian aid to its partners. Each year the trade turnover between the two countries is increasing. In 1979, the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation was signed, and the two sides have always respected and enforced the contents of this Treaty despite the changing world political situation. Each official visit of the Russian President to Vietnam marks new developments in the relationship between the two countries, realizing important strategic projects to improve the lives of the two peoples. Vietnam's leaders regularly visit Russia to "renew" the two countries' partnerships.
Imports and exports between the two countries are estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. At restaurants and at home, we find it delicious to savor dishes wedged in by the flavors of Vietnamese spices, and cooked with vegetables, rice, vegetable oils, and coffee. health. The Russian side provides Vietnam with telecommunications equipment, rolled steel and fertilizer. In the years to come, the exchange of goods will continue to grow - this is a good sign!
It is a great pleasure to see university students share their experiences and knowledge about life, customs and philosophy of life. The exchange seems to make this earth richer and more open thanks to precious and standard relations.

The Russian company R & V PROJECT (website: luxurygifts.vn) not only develops business, connects the two countries, but also considers effective cooperation as a mission, and the ability to bring more partners experience, knowledge, income and essential items. We are talking about sharing the concept of beauty by furniture, furniture and elegant ornaments, made by Russian artists.

It is difficult to describe all the items that we want to introduce to Vietnamese friends. The items are extremely diverse, each item has its own value, but it takes a lot of time to fully describe the process of creating it. Around us can now be filled with elegant, attractive items, bringing positive energy. These objects bring joy, emotions can not express. The products are created by the love of artisans - masters of natural gems, rocks that possess the energy, attraction and magic characteristics. Consultants will help people find suitable, healthy items: physical and psychological.

Office, bathroom, pedestal, wall, decorative table, bedroom, living room, gorgeous stone room, stone door handles will create a unique interior style. Even the most affluent customers are impressed with the products: pen holders, flower vases, champagne buckets, candlesticks, candlesticks, jewelery boxes, clocks, lamps, chandeliers, photo frames, coasters, mirrors, sculptures, spiritual objects - church statues, holy sculpture.

Russian natural stone products are very popular in the country of lacquer paintings at the temples; painting on silk; Temples and religious architecture decoration (monastery, mausoleum, bridge, market); conservation relics - bronze drums, theatrical forms.


Did you know that the hardness of semi-precious minerals has a direct effect on their value: the longer the stone is, the more expensive it is. Today, only a few stones are considered gems in Russia, extremely expensive are: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, blue sapphire, alexandrite. The remaining stones are called "decorative" or "semi-precious", but that does not make them worthwhile.
Many kinds of minerals, after many stages of processing, become more and more sparkling. The products from these stones add visual appeal to those of more caliber, adorned with modern homes, the mansion of world leaders. The classic stone is expertly crafted with the shape and creative meaning as follows ... Siren purple quartz helps to improve mood, is a symbol of friendliness and harmony. For a busy, tired person often, give them a piece of jewelry or quartz jewelery to cure the stress.

If you want to encourage creativity from nature, inspire the lovers of travel, choose the subtle blue with



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