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Natural stones Gifts

Russian natural stone products are very popular in the country of lacquer paintings at the temples; painting on silk; Temples and religious architecture decoration (monastery, mausoleum, bridge, market); conservation relics - bronze drums, theatrical forms.

Red garnet is filled with mysterious, promising love, passion, confidence, creative enthusiasm - this is the best gift for artists, writers, actors, than the other granite products.

The turquoise Topaz shade reflects the color of a loved one's eyes (if, of course, the blue of nature) - brings the peace of mind. This stone deepens from appearance to appearance, so it is suitable for people with activities related to the interior of man (psychologist, trainer, mystic, figure the).

Grayish white shining crystal is very convenient for representatives of the intellectual profession. Shining crystal is not so magical!

Chrysolite glow is a kind of stone to help the leaders, businessmen fortune in business, bring money and accumulate. You want to be successful in life - give your loved one or your colleague the original chrysolite rock!

Those who love the yellow motifs will love souvenirs from citrine - a kind of "logical" and optimistic stone. For those who are going to school, this is a great helper!

The color of the quartz is difficult to describe: the more this stone, the more you will escape the loneliness, creating a happy space. Aventurine, by classification, is a "random" mineral, which will serve the interests of those involved in risk-related work: creators, politicians, athletes.

Brain dark ball bearing female energy, heard that it can cure infertility. Mysterious, perfectly structured, natural aventurine helps bring wealth.

You can count on semi-precious stones and precious gemstones - this is the satisfaction of the creative professionals and owners of these creative works. Onyx, amber, agate, malachite, turquoise, jasper, jade - These coffins, lamps, tables, pens made of these beautiful new rocks!

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